CF ColdFusion9 Blog Project

By Rick Mooney

Since I do not have ColdFusion (CF) web hosting I have to cover the final project from course ISTC1210 Web Server programing through this web page.

The project was my first introduction into development using Model–View–Controller (MVC) application design as well as Object-oriented programming (OOP) using Beans (objects). Fairly complex since we also were introduced to a CF web application framework "FW1" simultaneously to MVC, also prior to that our blog applications were coded in a string or linear design concept. The implementation of FW1 and MVC OOP took a fair amount of seed code from the instructor to get us started, but the knowledge base set prior to this introduction illuminated the construct design to complete our project goals.

The design of the blog used 5 tables in an Apache Derby embedded database within the ColdFusion9 web server. The application involved administrative (login) for adding/editing/deleting users and blog entries (subjects). The user interaction portion allowed users to comment on the blog entries. The administration for adding users involved both client side and server side validation for the assurance of a consistent database interaction.

This course also introduced us to several web/computer technologies such as version control, and development IDE: GitHub version control web application technology in which you can create a repository for your software code development and access it from anywhere at any time. It allows you to archive and control your versions for individual or group development project collaboration. ColdFusion Builder 2 integrated development environment (IDE) is based on Eclipse, and is used to develop, test and deploy applications in a customizable work environment in ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) (Java under the hood).


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